Alterations & Repairs Price List

We all require alterations & repairs from time to time

On occasions, our trouser zip breaks, or sometimes, the button just goes pop! Yet not all of us have the time to deal with this, and there’s a good proportion that are simply just not that much of a whizz with the trusty needle and thread. And it’s for these very reasons that we’re here! Dealing with buttons and bust darts on a daily basis, we’re used to even the smallest of alterations & repairs. From hems to sleeves and from coats to dresses, we’re your everyday solution to clothing perfection.

Trouser alterations & repairs

  • Shorten hem £12.00alterations
  • Shorten hem (with turn-up or taping) £14.00
  • Taper legs £12.00
  • Take in waist £15.00
  • Replace zip £12.00
  • Re-hem £6

Jacket alterations & repairs

  • Shortening sleeves £20.00alterations-7
  • Lengthening sleeves £20.00
  • Shortening sleeves (with opening) £22.00
  • Take in bust darts £10.00
  • Take in centre back seam £15.00
  • Take in sides/letting out £14.00
  • Shortening jacket £20.00
  • Replace zip from £20.00
  • Shorten coat hems from £25.00

Skirt alterations & repairs

  • Shorten hem £12.00alterations-2
  • Shorten hem (with lining) £15.00
  • Take in sides £12.00
  • Take in sides (waistband) £15.00
  • Replace zip from £10.00
  • Replace concealed zip from £12.00

Dress alterations & repairs

  • Take in bust darts £10.00 alterations-8
  • Take in sides/letting out (where possible) £14.00
  • Take in sides (with concealed zip) £18.00
  • Repair hems from £12.00
  • Shortening shoulder straps £6.00
  • Shortening hem £12.00
  • Shorten hem (with lining) £15.00
  • Replace zip from £12.00
  • Replace concealed zip from £15.00


From sewing on a button to replicating your favourite item of clothing, we can do it all. We also offer a competitive parcel service where we try to complete all of our alteration & repair jobs within 48 hours. This way, your favourite dress that’s just a little too long will be ready for you to wear on the weekend. All alterations & repairs are considered.

Please contact Re-Useful and ask the questions.